One day, one month

After the thrill of his one month birthday (he literally pooped himself with excitement), little fella had a nice quiet morning.  He came for a walk to work with me, and from what I am led to believe, had a quiet day.  Naps, feeding and sleep.  Lucky little sod - sounds like a good life. We've just had bathtime (bearable, it seems) and Rachel is currently either feeding him or putting him to sleep. Sometimes the two events are simultaneous, as the little man has a penchant for falling asleep on the job. Wait - I can hear some "Sssssssshhhhhhh" and a little voice registering his displeasure with his mummy's decision to put him to bed - the real question is whether Rachel can finish in 33 minutes - when the final episode of Masterchef is on.

Speaking of stupid reality tv, was anyone else totally and utterly confused with how American Idol's new format works?  I didn't think they could get more ridiculous that little Frodo Seacrest's effort last year: "You, stand over here. You go and stand over there. You, stand waaaay over there.  Now you, go and join him over there, and then two of you go and stand over there.  No, wait - stand here.  Then stand over there.  Now, you - standing over there. You're eliminated."   Now they've managed to turn hacking the number from 36 contestants down to 12 contestants... into a four week exercise (I could do it for them in about 3 minutes). And then presumably it's another 12 weeks after that until they crown the winner of what really should be called "The American Under 35 (but over 16) Karaoke Championships".  I must admit, keeping the talentless prozac-filled Tatiana in the final 36 was a masterstroke.  Painful to watch, but brilliant car crash television.

Right - back to George.  A few photos from this morning.  He was of course asleep for most of it (he was actually asleep in my arms while I was eating my breakfast - bless!), and I got a few of him before we took off to work.  Before you ask - yes, I think he's smiling (he does it a lot these days), and no we haven't put rubber bands around his neck.  They are his newly developed neck folds.  They're all the rage, you know.