Happy Birthday to me!

Well, the little fella finally hit the big O-N-E.  One month, that is. it's quiet in the house - Rachel and George are both asleep, and having done the dishes and edited today's photos, I thought I'd pop up a quick entry here before scooting to bed.

Rachel has started coming to meet me at work after I've finished - for those of you that don't know, I work about 15 mins walk from home.  Meeting me after work serves two most excellent purposes.  Firstly, I don't really see George much during the week, and it gives me a chance to see him and hang out with him for the 20 minute walk home (it's uphill, hence the extra 5 minutes).  Second, between 4 and 6 (just pre-bathime) is George's grizzly session. He's not quite day and not quite night - and is apparently a bit of a handful at home at that time. So, popping him in his stroller after a quick feed is a brilliant way to knock him out for an hour, and calm him pre-bath (which he seems to like now - go figure).

His sleep is still a bit iffy, but he is sleeping - just not for the long stretches of time he used to, and not exactly when we want him to.  Apparently this is the growth spurt time, so his sleep and feeding patterns are supposed to be slightly out of whack.

I leave you with a million photos from this morning, of course taken on the morning of his one month birthday: