spacespacespace I used to think I did a pretty good Donald Duck impersonation, but this morning I really outdid myself - I did my first womb impersonation.  The little man - fresh from a night where he got all of about 45 minutes of sleep, refused to respond to the usually reliable "Sssshhhhhhhh" noises, so I resorted to making the noises that I remembered from the day that Rachel was in labour. For most of that day we had a fetal heart rate monitor set up, and when you flicked the volume switch on, it made this "waaaaor  waaaaoooor waaaaaaaaoor" noise  (make alternating "OOO" and then "ooo" shapes with your mouth, and blow out loudly as you're doing it).

Anyway, I tried this just now and it seemed to calm him pretty quickly... until he started crying again and flipped out.  After a bit of feeding, shushing, womb impersonating and hair washing (someone managed to puke milk in his own hair), we ended up going into town - which was a brilliant move.  I bought some new clothes (none of my old ones fit - I've shed about 8kg in the last 3 months with all of the lunchtime running), we had a lovely lunch at an Italian place (even George got some lunch, although his mummy provided it) and George had a lovely sleep in his stroller.

Oh - someone asked what stroller we are using (sorry, I can't remember who).  We have a Bugaboo Bee and a Maxi Cosi car seat to go with it. the Bee is pretty good - easily popped up and popped down, the seat bit comes out so you can make it face you or even travel with the car seat only, and it folds down into one piece - which means we can take it right to the aircraft door when the time comes (most airlines require you to check a stroller in if it folds down into more than one part).

Right - enough wibble.  Here's some cuteness from this morning (including some fake-Holga work on Poppycat).  I took another few photos about 2 minutes ago, which have actually defied the Laws of Cute, but I'll psot those later when he's asleep.  He's awake now, and I want to go and have a little play with him...