First night - can we get a refund?

spacespacespace Of course I'm kidding - but funk me that first night was tough. He was an angel all day, and then we settled him at about 11:30pm after his last feed.  That lasted all of about 5 minutes, when he started wailing.  To cut a long story short, he slept from about 3am to 5am, and I had to reset / readjust my alarm clock four times in the night.  We both looked like hell this morning and George was none the wiser.  Come morning and he was back to angel status. Can babies get jetlag? Perhaps that's it...

Anyway, a much better day today.  This was certainly aided by some gripe water (never heard of it myself, but went and bought it at the recommendation of a nurse at the hospital), which appears to clear the litle guy's... *ahem*  passages.  After a teeny few precious drops, he burps like his daddy and then farts like a champ.  It appears that this is one of the main reasons for any grizzles he has - a bit of stored wind.  Am I venturing into "too much information" territory now?  Nah - that would be more like telling you that he managed to hit his own face with his wee yesterday.  Which was a partly hilarious and partly alarming (but mostly hilarious - well, for me and Rachel. Less so for little G).

I took a few photos today, but nothing fancy - just straight out of the camera.  All were taken as he was having a cuddle with his Mum on the couch.  He has quite the yawn on him for someone who weighs 3kg.