Grandma arrives, George sleeps

Spacespacespace Last night was considerably better than George's first night at home - he had a bit more to eat during the day, and actually had a few stretches of pretty decent sleep in the night.  Only rocky time was between 1:30am and 2:45am when his daddy rocked him and walked him around while Mummy got a bit of sleep.  He was pretty good - not really many tears, however he simply didn't want to sleep.

This morning Barbara arrived and promptly got to making her aquaintance with her grandson.  Unfortunately, George wasn't particularly keen to awake from his morning slumber to mark the occasion, but some nice cuddles did eventuate.  After the unwrapping of some absolutely lovely presents (thank you notes to come, for anyone who sent gifts), we had a bit of lunch and the little dude went back to clocking up his 16 hours of sleep. Oh, what a life.

The cold weather seems to suit the rascals (as in the cats - Ben and Pop), as it means that we turn the heaters on - and they sit next to them all day.  Seriously, an injured mouse dressed in a catnip jacket with pockets stuffed full of tuna could run across the lounge floor, and they still wouldn't move from next to the heater.  If said mouse was dragging a still-warm heater behind him, they might consider checking him out.

Anyway - here are a few of George sleeping this afternoon (in the top left of the photos you can see the foot of the pink hippopotamus that Aunty Jane and Uncle Eliot gave him).  I've also knocked up a photo of Ben, because I'm feeling guilty about his cyberspace neglect.