Home at last

Well, after three days in hospital, we've managed to bring the little hairy cuddlemonster home.  The transition from hospital to home was made a million times easier by the kindness of our friend Carolin, who offered to drive us home. It made the end of our 4 day ordeal pretty awesome really. Little George has spent the day squawking, grizzling, feeding and sleeping (he's asleep now, hence the fairly decent length post), but for most of the time he's been an absolute angel.  The night nurse told Rachel that he was her "baby of the month", as he didn't complain about anything and just slept and looked around.  "I don't want him to go home - I want to keep him until he is two years old!" is what she told Rachel.  I'm sure she says that to everyone, but a little bit of me was rather proud of the little fella.

Here are a few photos from today - the first taken on the proper camera and the send taken on my phone: