1 January 2008 ends

SPACERSPACERSPACER It was a pretty lazy day in Chez Narly today - I got bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast and then after some messing around we ended up having lunch at the Press Room on Hollywood Road with Mark and Boo (who live downstairs - Mark works with Rachel).  Had a good feed and subsequently am replacing dinner with a mini Toblerone (it's healthy because I say so).  Didn't achieve a lot really, although go this photo on the street. I don't like the edits - might try and fix it later.  It was a guy and his wife roasting and chestnuts and selling them in Sheung Wan.  Pretty cool:



Oh - we've booked flights for NZ. M&E we're leaving on 21 March and arriving in Auckland on 22nd - so your wedding had better be on the 28th...  We're there until the end of Easter weekend, and will hit Wellington for a bit in the middle somewhere.

Nothing left to report - but had to share this great "spot the differenct picture". Can you tell what the University of Wisconsin belatedly added to the cover of their undergraduate application form in 2001/2?