Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  [Edit - stupid website clock is set to US time... I'll fix it later] It's still a bit weird waking up to a cold New Year's Day, after spending most of them in a New Zealand summer. I've only ever had one white Christmas, and that was in Canada when I was living there in 1996/7. Shyte that was colllld. We had a lovely night at Paul and Leslie's last night - they put on some great food and we saw a load of their friends who we met at their Australia Day BBQ earlier in the year.  We were the only childless ones there, so got lots of good advice about babymaking in Hong Kong (including quite a handy warning from one guy who got hit with a HK$350,000 bill after his new son spent 10 days in intensive care - must check our insurance terms and conditions).

Lazy morning here - I woke up early, but couldn' force myself to leave the bed as Poppycat was snuggled up next to me under the blanket.  Rachel just made us bacon, eggs and hash browns, and we're not quite sure what to do with ourselves.  Called and texted everyone we wanted to, and now we're listening to a NZ radio station (thanks to the clever old internet and Wifi iPod magic).

Rachel has recalculated her due date and seems to think it has slid forward by a few days - now 16 January.  Who knows when the little mite will turn up.

A few photos of the boys that I took this morning (I only took them so that I could upload something):


And before I shoot off, Happy Birthday to Tim Ma(n)hood who turned 33 yesterday.  Here's an old photo to revive some bad memories Timbo (from Taupo golf weekend in 2006 - that was the year where I managed to have a sleep between dinner and dessert):