Lazy Sunday (again)

We actually managed to get out of the house today, believe it or not. Admittedly we had a lazy breakfast of toast, hashbrowns, bacon (narly) and baked beans (Rachel) first - but then we took a nice walk down to Kennedy Town just a few kilometres away.  Ok, so maybe we watched another episode of Mad Men before we left. Bought a big silver bin which appears to have the sole purpose of storing dirty nappies pre-washing (yup - it's cloth diapers for these not-yet-parents) and not a lot else.  Ok, maybe we had a Snickers bar too. Was digging through some old photos that I found on some old CDs - here's a self-timer one of Rachel and I in our old HK apartment, and one of the dearly departed Chloe at Christmas about 5 years ago:




Oh - and for Aunty Momo... here's a picture of the baby bag that you bought for Evilspawnofnarly.  It looks full because it's already packed and ready for an emergency trip to the hospital... only 12 days until the official due date - can't be too careful: