Experimentation aplenty today, with little fella getting his very first ball gown sleep sack and his mummy moving from gripe water to the slightly weaker Infacol (for tummy settling).  Gripe water was actually pretty good, but it's for soothing a windy tummy and bottom (i.e. putting out fires), while Infacol is for preventing windypops from actually happening (i.e. preventing fires from happening).  Well, that's what the internet told me this morning and the internet is rarely wrong. The sleep sack was a move to give the little man a bit of freedom to move his legs around as he sleeps - restricted legs is one of the things preventing him from letting out good quality farts in his sleep. No fart = no sleep.  He had a good nap in his ball gown sleep sack this afternoon, but during his evening sleep he kept waking himself up with his own flailing dream-involved arms (I can only imagine that in his sleep he's dreaming of being a fast bowler in cricket - or perhaps a human windmill).

Anyway, as I type this, he's asleep as is his beautiful mummy.

The Quest for New Zealand Citizenship continues, however it seems that the latest delay is our fault (I'm not naming names, but it wasn't me this time).  We need one more form of ID showing that Rachel lives at this address and is known as Rachel in Hong Kong (?!), so to speed things up, our property managers in NZ are going to courier our rates bills to Internal Affairs.  If all goes well, little George should have a passport in about 2-3 weeks. If not... well, we may have to rejig flights.  Hmmm.

I believe it is time for me to bid the kittens goodnight, and to hit the sack. A few photos of the little man this morning - nothing arty farty today, just one of him giving me "inquisitive look #43" and one of him in his bouncy chair (the mustard toilet on the left may give away the fact that he was in the bathroom at the time). I had to get ready for work and Rachel had to have a shower, so little man got to sit in the bathroom for a few minutes where his mummy could keep an eye on him. In return, he kept his eye on the bathtowels (kid has much to learn).