Things we learned this weekend

spacespacespace 1) Little man sometimes just needs a quick burp or a fart in order to get back to sleep.  He had an ok night, except as it drew closer to the morning.  He usually gets a decent sleep after we have our dinner, then a shorter sleep from around 11pm to 2am or 3am, then a shorter sleep to about 4am and the the morning is kind of all over the place (that's just a rough guesstimate - but his naps do get shorter as the night goes on).  This morning after a fairly long stint of non-sleep to 5:30am, I went into his room with my phone and hung out with him while he slept (phone --> so I could surf internet news while he slept).  Whenever he stirred, I gave his bassinet a little nudge and rock, and if he started to cry properly I quickly grabbed him, gave him a burp, and put him straight back down.  He never really got a chance to get into a proper cry, and it meant he got a pretty solid 90 minute sleep when he ordinarily would have been up every 15 minutes.   We had an iChat with Anna (in London) this afternoon, and it turns out that she did a similar thing with Bella (George's potential suitor and "older woman")- she just sat her up and burped her when she grizzled during her sleep.  Hopefully this will help us for future sleep issues... we'll see.

2) Little people between 4 and 6 weeks old have a bit of a grizzly patch.  And he's certainly having a grizzly patch at the moment - it's mostly during the night, but we've been assured that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't far away.

3) The way I walk when wearing jandals annoys Rachel.  Pfffft.

4) George is rather taken with participating in video chats. He's also usually very well behaved when he's sitting in front of the camera.

5) If the nappy is full, it doesn't necessarily mean his bottom is empty (particularly at 3am)

6) Of all of the white noise recordings we have, George likes the vacuum cleaner noise the best.

7) Most babies we know have pooped in the bath.  George has not.  He is clearly more advanced than these other babies.

Right, it's time for the daily dose of ludicrous cuteness.  Note that the photos starring Rachel were taken during George's video chat with his possible-girlfriend Bella in London: