redesigned... AGAIN?

sorry team - I had to do a little overhaul of the site, as you can see.  this should be permanent (well, at least until we leave hong kong one day).  i'm busy putting some of the photo pages back together, but if you're curious, here's why i've had to do this (again).

i've use apple's dotmac site hosting service for a few years - it's pretty good and generally reliable, but the main weakness is that i can only publish stuff from a single computer and i can't edit anything online.  not very useful at all, especially when i want to post stuff when travelling or if rachel calls me from work to demand that i remove the latest embarrassing photo of her from public view.

another problem is that the dotmac service has recently been overhauled and is no longer working as well as it used to.  apart from stability issues and weird dodgy behaviour, i can only access some of the control panels from firefox and safari (not internet explorer).  that's no problem when i'm not at home, but on the road it's a pain in the kapootie.

the new site can be edited from home, from any computer hooked up to the internet, and even from my phone.  plus, uploading new stuff is a lot quicker and a lot easier. this of course means that i'll update the thing more often, although quantity doesn't mean quality...

i'm still tweaking bits and pieces here and there, and i'll be adding old photos as the days go on - but in the meantime if you see any problems, just head to the Contact page and let me know.