a few photos from last week

we spent most of this weekend eating.  dinner with the binningtons on friday night, dinner with cam and carolin and the wadhams on saturday, and then lunch with the hoffman clan today (featuring the ridiculously cute evie).  today was a quiet one, i got the curls chopped before we took off for lunch and after helping kylie and alex with their new iMac, i ended up doing a bit of work and just schmoozing around the house while madam got a pedicure. three more sleeps until london and edinburgh - can't wait, and it'll be especially awesome because sarah (robinson) isn't working at the moment and we'll be able to keep her company and get some quality time in with charlie and penny.

we head to edinburgh on friday afternoon and then we're back on monday night.  the week is pretty much free, and on saturday we'll have a pub lunch somewhere to see everyone and then on sunday rachel has a baby shower which she insists is not a baby shower (the official name is "afternoon tea"...)

here are a few photos from the roll of film i took last week (for the technically curious - pentax k1000 with ilford 400 b&w).  i'm still learning the limitations of the camera (it's 30+ years old after all), but it looks like it does need to be slightly undercooked (so when i'm using a 400ISO film, i set the camera to make it think that it's a 800ISO speed film - hence giving it a bit less light than it really needs).

click on one of the thumbnails to see bigger shots, and use the arrows on the sides of the picture to move to the next photo.



from left to right: lucy (john and kate's second schnauzer), rachel (my first wife...) and nick and rachel at isola last weekend during nick's whirlwind 5 hour visit to hong kong.