a few more edinburgh photos

am back from singapore - it was an exhausting weekend (not helped by a 5:45am pickup for golf on monday) and i finally got back on tuesday. a few things to do this weekend; i think we are buying a cot or something like that this saturday, then on sunday it's little sam binnington's 2nd birthday party.  before that we have vic landells in town for a few hours, and we'll take her out to lunch somewhere before she wines and dines at some cocktail party somewhere  :-)

i got some of the b&w photos back from mr photo man yesterday. i still have another roll to come (the iso 3200 one - sweet), but here are some of the iso400 photos (as always, click to open bigger slideshow):

...and then a few non-wedding ones.  the first is from just before the wedding in our bathroom, and the second was taken on the plane en route to london: