back again. again.

just back from singapore from the apaa conference (bunch of patent lawyers from around the world gathering to talk and socialise).  i'm absolutely shattered and am looking forward to a good sleep tonight.  there was a social event each night (including tonight - i'm missing it) and i even got up at 5:45am on monday to play golf - eeek.  had a great day - although in 35 degree heat it was a sweaty day.  met some cool people there and also around and about during the conference, and might even go again one day (well, actually it's in hong kong next year, so i probably will be there) met up with kirstie and robin on monday night for supper at their place and had to go at 9:45pm when i started to doze on their couch. oops. saw arabella and paddy for lunch on saturday, and am pleased to see that arabella has a cracking 'evil laugh' now..

a few little photos - charlie, penny, view from the plane today: