Sunday freakout

Poor little George had his first public meltdown today - Sam and Mary kindly invited us to dim sum at City Hall, and so we jumped in the KKmobile and headed down there just after 1pm.  The first hour or so was ok - George played nicely with Mary... but then tiredness took over, and the little man completely flipped out. He was completely overtired but couldn't get to sleep, and the poor little man had a complete freakout in the restaurant (thankfully it was one of those super large restaurants where a few hundred people were busy feeding their faces.  Sam and Mary were totally understanding about it (esp as we had no cash and needed to leave midway through the meal - so they paid for us), and the other tablemates were also really nice about it. We beat a hasty retreat to the car and then after a bit of lane confusion found ourselves going via the longer (but probably faster) way to Pokfulam - through the Aberdeen tunnel.  We had a few moments of silence in the car, but it wasn't until he was tucked up in his cot that he actually decided that he'd get some sleep and stop screaming. Poor wee kid.

Here are a few photos that obviously weren't taken during said meltdown:




Meanwhile, life goes on for our feline flatmates - here is a moment of slumber from this afternoon. Seriously, I don't know how Poppy sleeps like this: