A busy Saturday

One of the hardest things about updating this every day is finding a title.  "A busy Saturday"?  Please.  Luckily for you, I have cute photos to make up for the stupid title. Today little G had his first proper swim. I forgot to take the camera downstairs, but Emily (also from our building) too some photos for us, so I'll hopefully be able to show you some soon.  That said, I have a photo of him all dressed up in his unused togs (complete with swimming nappy underneath), and a neighbour from the other block kindly lent us her daughter's floatation pillow - so George got to sit in this life ring and just observe the happenings around the pool. He was pretty stoic (although admittedly the water was pretty warm) and happily sat there in his ring and enjoyed the sun.  Verrry cute, I must say. 

Other than that, just a few photos of George enjoying a lazy Saturday.  Tonight he heads to Kylie's place for babysitting action while we head to Dublin Jack for Kylie and Alex's going away drinks.   As a special treat, we're taking the car (Rachel won't be drinking).  How exciting.  It's weird that in New Zealand we get excited when neither of us has to drive, and in Hong Kong we get excited that we get to drive...