When Daddy's late home, the only photo you get is from bathtime

...which isn't so bad, as he is ludicrously cute in the bath these days (as compared to a month ago, when bathtime appeared to be about as pleasurable as being held upside down headfirst in a flushing toilet).  He actually quite likes his bathtime these days, and usually sits there and tolerates it without much more than a random little "cooo".  He doesn't smile in there, but if he's not crying, then I'm going to chalk another one up in the "success" column. Yesterday he hung out with his newest girlfriend, Evie (she of Amanda and Alex).  We had a fantastic lunch over there, and then I took a few photos of Evie while she played games ranging from good old fashioned Hide & Seek to "Make Baby George bounce in the bouncy chair".  George seemed pretty chuffed with the attention, and threw out a few smiles (he's into older women, it would seem).  Looks like Bella Hayes has some Hong Kong competition.

I am once again a bit knackered, so will leave things there.  I got a few photos of G-monster in the bath.  These are the sorts of photos I think I'll save for his 21st.

Speaking of birthdays - 6 weeks today, and we still haven't broken him  :-)