A quiet Saturday

Little man was very well behaved today - we scooted down to Cyberport (about 20 mins walk away) to get some groceries, and he was the model of good behaviour (especially when he got his breakfast down there).  After a bit of a nap and another feed (oh, what a life) we headed into town and picked up a few things from various shops - with Daddy not actually working in CBD, trips into Central are a bit of a treat... When we got back he had a wee nap, then an iChat with his future mother-in-law (Anna) - and then it was time for a bath and his evening kip. He's currently crashed out with all of the excitement of the day.  Good little fella.

Tomorrow we're off to visit his sugar mama Evie, and apart from that - not much on the cards.

Oh - today's awesome news is that Emma and Mark had a wee girl this afternoon - Eva  :)

Some photos from today:

Firstly - some of Rachel and George this morning.  There was some lovely light in our room, so with George in a good mood, I took the opportunity to get a few good ones of the best looking members of our little family.  Can you guess which one he was farting in?






Here's a photo of George in his new sleeping wedge.  He always faces left when he sleeps, and his doctor told us that we had to barbeque him evenly on both sides, or he would get a bit of a ridge in the back of his head. Check out the little fella sleeping on his side:



And finally, I couldn't resist - here's Ben in one of his ludicrous sleeping positions this afternoon. Honestly, he is such a weirdo. Seriously, he's fast asleep.