A splash of colour

Little George was a very good boy today (apparently - we're ignoring the bit where he almost crapped all over my hand), and went with his mum to the doctor, to the shops and to Emma and Mark's for a late lunch.  No grizzling, no freaking out - just a little angel with a couple of decent sized cheeks.  The doctor corrected the nurse's measurement of his length, and let us know that we need to start getting boyo to sleep facing the right - or he'll get this big old ugly ridge thing going on at the back of his head. So we're going to get some sort of wedge pillow and get him to sleep in it.  Or something like that. Decided to use some colour shots today - I got the boy in some decent light this morning, and so was able to shoot at a slightly lower ISO (meaning higher resolution, and easier to edit without getting too much grain). Also, someone was asking about some editing (it was a while back), so I've done a quick before / after comparison as well.

Here are the morning shots:




Here's a before / after of the first shot.  I increased the exposure a bit, then ran a photoshop action through it to fade out the harsher bits of colour on George's skin.  Then I ran another little photoshop action which helped to bring out the glint in his eyes - and that was it.  I don't actually think the first photo is that bad - just a bit dark - but I really like photos with a slight fade / cloudy look. Hard to describe. Also, I shrink photos quite a lot before I load them up here, so the detail is a little bit lost.  Anyway, enough blah blah - here's the comparison:



Oh - and some words of praise from my lovely wife:  "That sunset photo of yours yesterday was the first good sunset photo you've taken".

I'll take what I can get  :)