A very short window of opportunity

spacespacespace I had all of about 30 minutes this morning to get a photo of the little fella, and I'm not particularly stoked with the photo I did get.  Still, it's better than no photo...

In two days George will be one month old - and my mission to get a photo of him every day for the first month of his life will be complete.  I'll still take a crapload of photos of the poor little fella (he still thinks his daddy has a lens sticking out of his face), but I might have to be less obsessive about getting a few and posting them everyday.  Especially on days like this, when I get about 30 minutes with him in the morning and then it's bathtime as soon as I walk in the door (followed by feeding time and then sleepybyes). Thirty minutes in the morning isn't a long time, and although I love taking photos of the little monster, I'd rather just spend time with him.  Weekends will of course be a different story, but weekdays - I'm pushing it to get a decent photo or two of him every single day.

That said, the aim of month one was to get a photo of him every day so that I can do a little book of his first month (we can get it beautifully  printed and bound over here really easily).  Almost there!

Anyway, here is today's little George snap.  That's his Mummy holding him, of course.

EDIT:  Forgot to mention, George has put on 160 grams over the last week.  If I was a betting man, I'd say most of it is in his cheeks...