Sleepless in Hong Kong - epilogue

Well, I'm pleased to report that the little fella had a much improved day.  He seems to save his biggest tantrums for his Mummy and Daddy, as he was impeccably behaved for video chats with Sarah & Simon and Anna & Kieran, as well as a visit from Kate and John.  When the camera was off, or when the lounge was devoid of visitors - the little monkey let loose again.  Bless him though - he's been great this evening. All he really needed was a good solid sleep. He even cruised through bathtime with no stress tonight. I took a load of photos today, as the light was particularly nice, and thankfully George had his cute pants on (when he wasn't bright red and screaming at me...)




The "Father, I have had enough of photos today, thank you. Please stop" look:



And finally, the "Dad - this toy is f#@king scary" look: