The narrow photo window

spacespacespace Now that I'm back at work, it's actually quite tough to get decent photos of the little fella. In the morning I only really see him for an hour or so while I'm getting ready - and that's when Rachel is having a shower and getting her breakfast (and when that's not happening, I'm in the shower, having breakfast or getting ready for work). I get home around 6:30pm, which is bath time - and then he has a bit of dinner (in his very quiet room) and sleeps. So, during the week I don't get too much of a chance to hang out with the little chap, let alone take photos of him. Still, we usually get a bit of daddy cuddle time before bath time, and it really doesn't matter whether I get 5 minutes with him or 50 minutes with him - it's all good.

Tonight he was a bit grizzly - Rachel thinks that he slept and settled a bit early today and as a result was fairly reluctant to go down after his bath and dinner.  Still - he's asleep and we suspect he'll be out for quite a while.  He had a big day - he went into town today and met Aunty Sue and Aunty Helen at the China Tee Club (both of whom I am assured are most impressed with him!)

A few photos that I snuck in this morning: