Flying solo again | George's little "oooooh!" face

Grandma B has now left us and we're flying solo again.  Hopefully it's just a coincidence that George had his worst night of sleep since the day before Grandma B arrived in Hong Kong, but we'll see... Could Grandma B's presence next door to George be the secret behind long nights of sleep? Another lazy Sunday - after the trip out to Stanley yesterday, George stayed at home today.  He had a lovely visit from little Evie, and her parentals Alex and Amanda, who spoiled little G-monster with a most excellent activity bee (which he was staring at and playing with dribbling on a few minutes ago) and a cute little farmer teething ring which we hopefully won't need to use for quite a while...

Sadly, nothing else worth reporting from out here in the Far East, other than the Australian commentators that I'm currently listening to (NZ v Aus cricket) are still as annoying and one-sided as can ever. Sooo painful to listen to, but I have no other option, as I scrapped my subscription to the "live cricket channel" when they decided that "live" was coverage from 1993.

Photos - nothing too exciting, although George is gradually perfecting his "Ooooooh!" face, and I have to admit that I had to bribe Poppy with cat treats to make him stand right in the middle of the sunset scene: