He's officially "George" now...

...because he has a birth certificate.  Apparently Rachel, Barbara and George encountered the slowest Births Registry Customer Service guy in the world, and spend almost an hour completing what should have been a 15 minute task. Not to worry - George only needs one birth certificate (ever), so now it's done, it's another one-off task crossed off the list. The trip to get his passport photo taken was slightly less of a success, as despite him wearing a nappy, nappy cover, onesie and trousers, he managed to wee all over the photograph shop's grey backdrop that they use for passport photo backgrounds - destroying it in the process. Ooops.  Other than that, he behaved impeccably (so his mummy says).

Unfortunately, since he wasn't born in New Zealand, we need to have his citizenship sorted by the NZ citizenship office before he can get a passport, which means his passport application form may have to be done using the express service (which doubles the cost - ouch).  We'll find out tomorrow how easy it will be when Rachel calls the NZ citizenship people tomorrow. Best case scenario is that we can get both the citizenship thing and the passport sorted out at the same time.

Nothing else to report really - yesterday's peaceful bath was indeed an anomaly; today he completely popped a fufu valve at bathtime.