Lazy Sunday

Sadly, the weekend is almost over (well, for Daddy - Mummy's weekend ends in July). George had a pretty cool night last night, with a couple of feeds and then some good sleep stretches.  I sat with him for the last one, from 6:45am until about 9:30ish. Was rather nice - I just sat in his room reading, and gave him a gentle rock and a "ssshhhh" when he grizzled.  He's currently passed out on Rachel's lap after another feed. We're doing nothing today - we're literally sitting around the house just doing chores and having a quiet one. As good as George was yesterday, not every shop or location is going to be "feeding friendly", so an outing every couple of days is quite enough at this early stage.  He's a good little fella, but when he's hungry he lets us know - and the words "Can you hang on for a few minutes?" don't really go down so well.

I took a few photos of the little chap this morning - there was some nice light coming through the main window.