Saturday, Saturday

Weekend at last and all is fine in Chez George (although I can hear Rachel vigorously patting his back now to settle the little fella). This morning George had the pleasure of Daddy doing the poopy nappy change, and Daddy had the pleasure of discovering what appeared to be a mustard spill in George's pants.  Gross, man. Dinner with Ned was excellent, and as he has two little ones of his own, he knew exactly what we were going through in the opening weeks of The George Show.  Poor Ned was a tad jetlagged (either that or we were reaaaaally boring...), and it was an early evening for him - then up for a 9.15am flight to Australia for work.

Today we're heading out to Kowloon to see Rebacca with a view to picking up Barbara's 60th present, and after that - well, a whole lot of nothing I'm guessing. George is currently guzzling at what seems like his 43rd feed of the day, Barbara is doing the crossword, and I'm... well, doing this.