Weight gains, heel pricks and sleep

Little dude has been sleeping up a storm - went to the doctor's today (apparently he's regained his birthweight), hit Pacific Place to do some shopping, and then came home - and pretty much slept through the whole experience.  This could explain the reluctance to sleep at night. Oh dear. He had his heel prick test today, and Rachel said he was a little miffed at that. Other than the odd needle-induced flipout, he's a pretty cool kid. Mummy uttered a few choice words under her breath at around midnight when the little fella wouldn't go to sleep, but he made up for it with an impressive four hour sleepfest in the night somewhere.  Rachel says she woke up and found herself patting my chest in her sleep (she was burping me).  Crikey.  I wonder if it worked.

A few photos of the little boy and the big boy: