George's first walk

We took George out for a walk yesterday, and I can confirm that it takes the better part of an hour to prepare a 3kg baby for a 2km walk.  And he doesn't even walk yet. Grandma and Mummy kitted the little fella out and prepared his stuff for the Lord of the Rings-esque journey down to the local supermarket. Nappy, onesie, trousers (verrry cute) a woolly cardigan, a hat, a shawl and a cover for the stroller (a bystander would be forgiven for thinking that the cover was bulletproof - it really is spectacular).  I flipped out the phone and took a photo for your benefit.  Apologies for any blurriness, I may have been giggling at the impressive fortress that he was hidden behind (there is actually a child under there somewhere):


The walk was pretty uneventful, as the little fella didn't once stir and was dead to the world for both the journey there and the journey back.  Mummy was a bit sore after the walk down, and so Mummy and Grandma ended up taking a cab back while Daddy faced his first true test of parenthood and had to push the little guy back home, unsupervised.

Below is a map of the walk we went on (it was 2km from bottom to top) and I have helpfully marked the areas where I stopped to make sure George was still breathing.  I am such a rookie father:


Needless to say, I got him home safely.  I am a legend.

I leave you with a shot of him and yet-to-be-named Hippo (I tried to name him "Hiphop" but the ladies of the house vetoed it) taken this morning:


Oh - and a photo of Ben for your viewing pleasure...