A few more photos from today and last night

Nothing to report - the Challis clan have successfully departed and as I type this, they should be sitting on a plane waiting to take off.  We had a lovely dinner at the Peak Lookout Restaurant last night - just the grownups - and this morning the clan came upstairs for coffee, banana, biscuits and a bit of TV action. Now it's just the four of us again (I include the cats in my calculations).  Rachel is lying on the couch reading, and I'm just sorting through some photos from the last few days. Nothing planned for the next few days, although we have a few baby things to purchase.

I had a play with the baby monitor yesterday, and it appears that the only thing it can't do is make my coffee in the morning. There is this super weird 'tic' feature on it that makes a little 'tic' whenever the movement sensor goes off - the same movement sensor that screams like a banshee if it detects no movement for 10 seconds.  Hell it's loud.

Right - I'll leave you with some pictures.  First two are of course Robin and Kirstie at the restaurant last night, and the last three are Arabella and Paddy in various positions while watching cartoons on tv this morning.  I love the huggy one - Paddy is transfixed with some stoner running about in a colourful costume, while all Bella wants to do is give her big brother a hug.  Sweet...