saturday morning

nothing quite as nice as waking up to find a kitten purring softly under the duvet next to you... went to a japanese restaurant with cam and carolin last night, then hit the bond movie. japanese was umami @ cyberport (cyberport being a soul and charisma-free fake neighbourhood around the corner from where we live - and it's where i work).  food was really rather good and after i busted out several pages of vouchers (oh the benefits of working in the middle of nowhere) it was pretty good value too.

the bond movie was awesome (new bond girl might be entering the narly-top-5) even though i really didn't know what was going on for most of it.  action sequences were brilliant, although at times the product placement could have been perhaps a little more subtle - range rover and virgin atlantic certainly got their moeny's worth.

wandering out to discovery bay today to see lisa's jewellery exhibition and to catch up with sue, steve, helen and pete for a spot of afternoon tea (very civilised, i say old chap).  then back to central to catch mark and emma for a bit of dinner somewhere and then i'll park myself in front of the television to watch the nz v england rugby game.  miracle of miracles, it's being shown in hong kong.

here's popstar this morning in our bed: