a few photos from bangkok

back after a blissful weekend of eating, sleeping and doing nothing.  apart from thai taxi drivers all thinking that they are driving formula 1 cars, it was a fantastic relaxing time. and possibly the last time we fly as just the two of us for a long, long time - eek. as i think i mentioned a few days ago, the peninsula upgraded us to a great big awesome suite and left us a birthday cake (chocolate - delicious) - certainly got us off to a great start.  to be honest, we didn't do a lot that's worth talking about - sat by the pool, swam a bit, i hit the gym a few times (and then promptly reversed my good work in a hotel restaurant), and we picked up a bit of new cutlery that rachel was coveting.

here are a few photos - one from our balcony, one from the restaurant, one taken by me standing on the bed and one of me... um, jumping on the bed: