Because the morning light comes from the wrong side of our apartment, most of the photos I take of George in the mornings have a touch of flash thrown in.  Our lounge is actually not the best for taking photos in during the day - although late afternoons are lovely. Anyway, I usually bounce the flash off something (a wall, the ceiling, a couch, a cat) in order to diffuse the light a bit and make it a little less harsh - it makes the world of difference.  Direct flash is generally considered to be a big no no - yuk shadows and yuk bright white patches of flash all over the place.

But after reading a book by this most helpful chap, I learned a way to use direct flash without making it look like there was any flash at all.  It's quite simple, but extremely clever - notice that there are no shadows on George's face, and particularly  around his eyes.

So this photo only exists because I wanted to play with the flash and test out this cunning new technique.  It's pretty cool, I must say (the technique, not the photo - although George is pretty cute in his little onesie).