hong kong "super"markets

honestly, the sheer incompetence and crappiness of hong kong supermarkets is sometimes astonishing. today i went to get a salad that had chicken slices, lettuce, some dressing and - a little weirdly - some ravioli on it.  the salad was simply called "chicken salad with ravioli", and i just wanted to know what sort of ravioli it was. "excuse me, what sort of ravioli is that?"

*blank look*

"um, can you please tell me what's in the ravioli?" [i pointed to the pieces of ravioli]

*blank look* *reads the sticker on the back*

[handing me the box] "yes."

good grief.

busy week this week - appointment with the ob dude this afternoon for a scan and checkup (rachel not me), antenatal classes on wednesday, hedge fund fight night to watch alex box on thursday, and then the bledisloe cup rugby match on saturday. our seats appear to be pretty much on the halfway - sweet!