back in hong kong

got home this afternoon after a pretty decent flight from heathrow.  we had a tough final day in london, with penny, charlie, tim, sarah and me all getting sick on the last day (rachel felt a bit icky, but didn't have the 'symptoms' that the others exhibited).  poor little charlie was in a really bad way when we left, and was about to go and see his doctor - although sarah let us know that he was on the mend this afternoon. the flight was sweet - the flight was full so we didn't get our points upgrades, but we had exit row seats reserved so despite being the gathering place for people waiting for the toilet, we had an absolute load of legroom.  we even had the seat next to us free, but someone pounced on it shortly after takeoff.

the cats have forgiven us for ditching them for so long, and poppy has even had his first couch cuddle with rachel.

i have a load of photos to download, but they can wait.  here are some that i took on my phone.  in order: rachel and penny, rachel on the london eye, charlie in wandsworth common (with sarah and penny in the background), rachel and tim consulting the london a to z while charlie takes in cbeebies, and sam and katy in edinburgh.