Sick Bunky is still sick

Poor little mite is still a bit sick - he has bronchiolitis, so has a bit of a cough and a snotty nose.  Despite being a bit restless and losing his appetite, he's actually in pretty good spirits. He's on some pretty mild medicine, and his doctor says that it's a 7 to 10 day thing. Hopefully he'll be right by the weekend. Rachel took yesterday off to take him to the doctor and to keep an eye on him, and I came home at lunch to give May a break from taking care of sick little child. As I said, he's actually in a pretty good mood, but isn't quite himself - he gets very restless sitting in the same place for more than a minute or two, and isn't really interested in crawling anywhere.

Oh yeah - did I mention he's commando crawling?  He just drags himself around, but I think it passes as a crude form of crawling...

No new photos, as he's not at his best - but here's one from a few days ago. He was watching a YouTube clip - it was a short video from a political news site. He's so clever.