Fort Bunky, Fat Ben

A few photos from today - firstly Fort Bunky. A complicated arrangement of cushions and pillows designed to prevent him from falling off the bed while we get changed in the morning: DSC_1098-2.

Next, a little bit of Fat Ben - happily snoozing away in the lounge.  Seriously, this is how he sleeps:


Also, I tweaked the website behind the scenes - now iPhone / iPod Touch / Google Android people will see a mobile-optimised version of the site. I don't think I needed to do it, but it was quick, easy and free. So I figured I may as well do it.  The website will look a bit like this - but at the bottom you'll have the option to view the site in its normal format:


I've also tried to turn on comments for individual posts.  I'm still ironing out some kinks, but the comment boxes should be under all new posts from now on. Use them wisely (Note that the very first comment you leave on the site automatically goes into a moderation queue - after that first "approved" comment, your comments show up straight away).