"Young man, you're making a scene"

Ok, so no one actually said this to Bunky, but he was pretty damned vocal during our brunch at The Press Room today.  Fortunately we had some very understanding ladies sitting next to us, and they happily waved and smiled at his lordship as he warmed his lungs up. Thankfully, a piece of his mummy's Croque Monsieur kept little Monsieur quiet for a few moments, and then a special order of toast (which the restaurant very kindly didn't charge us for) kept him happy - at least until he worked out how far he could throw that toast.

Needless to say, we gobbled our own food and left pretty quickly - despite it being a fairly vibrant and noisy place, Bunky's vocal chords were easily standing out above the rest.  It was nice to get out of the house though...

Here's a photo that was taken just before Little Mr Shoutypants got going:


Another photo from this morning (unfortunately I was only able to take it on my phone) - Rachel went to wake the little man up at 10am and found him at the wrong end of the cot, with his arm sticking out of the bars, and his newest teddy bear ("Flat Ted") on his head:



Awww, bless.