Dim sum, birthdays, quiet time

A hectic weekend for the little man, not helped by us thinking that today's birthday party was yesterday.  On Saturday we got as far as about 30m from the birthday boy's driveway before we realised that we were a day early.  Ah well, at least George got a swim out of it. This morning started with dim sum with the McBride clan in Wan Chai. The always reliable and extremely child-friendly Renaissance Harbourview:




Which was followed by a nap and then a visit to little Riley's house for his first birthday celebration, just around the corner from where we live.  That's the birthday boy Riley on the left and George's playmate Sam H on the right:


And finally a little bit of quiet time for Bunky with his Mummy. Clearly, Daddy is quite hilarious:



It's a short week this week - Thursday is China's Labour Day.  We'll just enjoy the long weekend by chilling with the little man (although I'll probably need to head into work on Friday for at least some of the day).