A feast of weekend photos (of varying quality)

The weekend started with a bang - George visited my office and was manhandled and photographed by everyone who came near him.  He coped admirably - here's a quick one I took of him with Suki (my secretary): IMG_0741


Saturday morning we headed to Wagyu - a restaurant in town which apparently did pretty good brunch too. It was really good and great value, and even George quite enjoyed himself (he had home made bolognaise courtesy of his mummy).  Here is a fairly blurry photo of Bunky making a bit of noise on Rachel's knee:


Check out the teeth- they're really starting to show now. He doesn't seem overly bothered by them though.

As I walked into the restaurant, I was struggling with the stroller (minus George, who was already inside) and trying to get up their front step. A Hong Kong princess was also going in, and I moved aside to let her through. Her thanks to me was to then let the door close in my face and on the stroller.

Thankfully, Karma took over, and 45 minutes later (much to my amusement) she was still sitting alone, waiting for her tablemates. Sucker.  I took a photo of the princess so that I could savour the moment at a later date:



This made me laugh too - a bus advertisement for English tutors (who reportedly pull in about a million HK per month).  You'd think the English tutors might have proofed their ad:


And a photo of his lordship and his driver on the way back to the car:


On Sunday we decided to get out and about and ended up at the Peak for a walk.  Not the greatest weather (lots of pollution), but I got a few photos of Bunky and his driver:




And finally... post dinner shenanigans: face painting with banana and yogurt.