Typhoon morning

The HK Observatory called a Typhoon 8 last night, which meant that we got to come home early (to play with George), and since it's still in force, we go to work late.  It'll be lifted in another 40 minutes, but then everyone gets about two hours to get to work (it takes a while for buses and taxis to get going again).  Although I walk to work, I might take a sneaky extra half hour with George... Here are a few photos from this morning:



A few other photos from around and about. Firstly, the cats find safety in numbers. And Ben's fat tummy provides ample warmth for Poppy:


This one from the real estate agency next to the supermarket.  I think they're trying to say that the market is hot at the moment, but they probably should have avoided using an online translator:



And finally this one from our pool area. There was a gale force wind blowing when I took it, plus I was laughing at the time: