Mmmm. Delicious injection-molded plastic.

DSC_3478. In other news, my camera is with the Nikon service people for a while - I had a very random problem (very random = 5 out of about 2000 photos) where some vertical banding would appear on some photos.  Although it didn't happen often, I figured I'd get it checked out while the camera was under warranty - so no D700 for me for a few weeks.  The service man muttered something about replacing the Compression Board (whatever that is), and then my baby was whisked away to get in the queue for surgery.

Faced with the prospect of being cameraless for a few weeks, Philip (my neighbour at work) has very kindly loaned me his back up camera until mine comes back. It's a D90 - similar to my D700 but a little bit smaller.  Works beautifully, although some of the controls are in different places - but I'll get used to it (today's photo was taken with the D90).