just back from edinburgh and we're looking out at a wet and gloomy tuesday morning in london.  had an amazing time in edinburgh and the wedding was fantastic - a spot of rain during the day, but the ceremony was lovely, the reception was absolutely marvellous, and we met - and reunited with - some awesome people.  i took a load of film photos which won't be ready for a few weeks, but we did take a few with rachel's camera. damon and lynn looked fantastic (damon was in a kilt!) and everything went beautifully.  i was actually playing music with paul (the best man) when he met damon and so after dinner when they were bashing out a few tunes on the guitar, they invited me up on stage for a few kiwi songs - great fun.  thankfully i had tanked up on red wine so wasn't nervous at all...

sunday we wandered around edinburgh and went to a lovely michelin star restaurant "number 1" in the balmoral hotel.  loved it - great food and great staff in a beautiful old building. a bit of an indulgence, but hey - it's not a regular occurrence  :-)

monday we saw the castle (photos are on my other camera sorry)  and then caught manju and sunethra for lunch at a small organic cafe in downtown edinburgh (urbanangel).  took a bus trip around the sights to kill a bit of time and then we had a cheeky wine in a beautiful old bank building called "the dome" before heading to the airport.

a few photos from the wedding are below, but i've got plenty more from the weekend on the other camera - but i'll sort those out when we head to sarah and tim's place today (we're staying with them for the rest of the week).