A collection of weekend photos

Bunky's just gearing up to go and meet the Fabio parentals (aka Gavin and Diane Bornholdt) this afternoon, but his personal paparazzo took a few photos of him yesterday. He was sitting on his mother's knee for this one, and looked ludicrously happy to be there:



Then a few from the morning playtime with daddy - one of them demonstrating why extreme closeups are not a good idea with Mr "If I can reach it, then it goes in my mouth" Bunkypants:



And finally one of him and his mummy showing off his new duds. His Wednesday baby group meetup was in Stanley, where you can get great bargains on factory seconds.  In the following photo, his lordship is modelling a GAP shirt, and some stripey shorts (I am ashamed to admit that I don't know which label produced them, but I'm sure Rachel will let me know as soon as she reads this):