Sai Kung

If our trip to Sai Kung is anything to go by, Hong Kong road planners throw cooked spaghetti on a piece of paper, and then ask the road construction companies to "do the roads like that." Honestly - it was like driving through a spaghetti-themed maze complete with toll tunnels and psychotic taxi and minibus drivers.  Thankfully we had been given awesome directions and got to lunch without a hitch. Anyway, we had a lovely barbeque with friends Susannah and Sam (along with toddler Max and baby Matilda), and also saw the Hoffpeople there.  Although the weather went a bit poopy on us as soon as lunch was served, we still managed to eat outside and have a great time.  I took a few photos of various little people running around in the rain playing by the paddling pool:

DSC_4772_col DSC_4744



We managed to get back from Sai Kung without getting lost, and after we got home, Bunky had a little swim and a teeny tiny photo session:


In other matters, Bunky's late feed is slowly being moved forward.  It's usually 10:30pm, but for the last week or so Rachel has been bringing it forward.  Tonight it comes to 9:40pm, and the aim is of course to eventually eliminate it altogether. So far he hasn't woken up any earlier in the morning, but time will tell whether he can eventually hit the 12 hour holy grail sleep.

Righto - off to watch a spot of tv and then hit the pillow.