More weekend photos

Bunky had a play around in his jolly jumper for a bit yesterday. He's figured out that a bit of kicking allows him to do some swift rotating, giving him a very handy 360 degree view of the surroundings.  Check out the action shot: DSC_3991edit

Sorry it's so grainy - it was a bit dark in the corridor, so I had to try and touch the photo up a bit.

Also from yesterday, this shot from "nudey rudey" time (as it's called) in the lounge yesterday.  I have a few more shots of him sans clothing, most of which I intend to save for his 21st birthday...


Day 2 of Operation Solids went well, with Bunky knocking back another two or three teaspoons of gross crappy gloop baby rice mixed with milk.  He still feigns surprise when the spoon goes into his mouth - which is a bit rich really, given that usually he'll happily shove anything at all into his mouth.