Daddy "Sonday"

Mummy went out to check out some shops and get a pedicure (oh the tough life of an expat), and so Daddy and kiddo had some time together. It was of course just my luck that his weekly poo occurred in the 4 hour window when I was taking care of him - and anyone who says that baby poo doesn't smell is a lying bastard. I got a few photos of the munchkin - this one from bouncy chair time (I am clearly very amusing):


Later in the afternoon, Rachel made me do nudey rudey time with George (I was fully clothed - he was in the buff).  He's almost rolling over now - he lies on his back, twists his torso... and then *just* misses out on rolling over thanks to his left arm. Sooooo close.  His tummy time isn't as crash hot - today he hoisted himself up with his arms for a few minutes, then put his head down on the ground and let out a heavy sigh.  And stopped trying to get up again... bless.