A strategically placed shampoo bottle for the preservation of modesty

George graduated to the big person's bath yesterday - of late, George's bathtimes have usually ended up with more water on the floor than anywhere else. So we popped his little bath seat in the bath and filled the bath to a height of about 6 or 7 cm.  George was pretty laid back about the new bath approach, and seemed to enjoy having water tipped on him with a little cup - it also made things a bit easier for his mummy, as she didn't need to juggle his torso while cleaning his babyvomit-filled crevices.  We took a few photos of the little monster enjoying his business class bath, and you'll note that his mummy preserved his modesty using a cleverly placed shampoo bottle. Which George naturally wanted to play with.




We also had Team Binnington over for a few hours for brunch and a quick swim yesterday and I snapped off a few photos of Sam and Mark:






Note that clicking no longer leads to a big version - I installed a standard bug-fix "upgrade" to the software that runs this website, and the newest version of the website software won't let the lovely big picture viewing plugin work.  Oh the irony.

Finally, Rachel has insisted that I mention that on George's playdate on Friday, a half-Brazilian girl literally tried to get her leg over George (from his mummy's potentially embellished recollection of events, it sounds like she actually tried to roll on top of him).  He's such a stud...