Recognising Daddy

Tonight when I got home, George was sitting on his mother's lap as she surfed the internet, and when I walked through the door I got the biggest grin from the little man.  It would appear that he has started to recognise me, which is pretty cool (he spends all day with Rachel, so I think he recognises her already). I mean, he's always been happy playing with me and hanging out with me, but you could tell tonight that he actually knew that I was someone he saw often, and I got a great big grin out of it.  Very sweet.  To celebrate, I took a few Daddy + George photos while Mummy ran the bath:





No other photos of kiddo, but I was experimenting with panoramic photos on my iphone, and took this one a few hours ago from the balcony (click on the photo to see it large):



By complete fluke I've worked out how to make the pictures "clickable" so you can see them with a nice black background - from tomorrow, clicking on photos should reveal nice and big sizes for you to look at.