Back to work

Honestly, the older George gets, the more delightful he is during waking hours... and the faster the weekends go.  We had a great long weekend, topped off with a lovely lunch with Emma, Mark and Sam B, who came over to Chez Narly for a long lunch. I got to smack the BBQ up again, and we had some delicious lamb chops which clever old Rachel prepared. This photo of George was taken this morning (I think). Now that his sleep routine has settled, he gets up at 7am in the mornings.  While Rachel feeds him, I have a quick shower, and then I get about 45 minutes with him before he goes back to sleep at 8am. I can then get ready for work and take off while he's asleep.  I love that bit of time with him in the mornings, and he's usually in a fantastic little mood after a nice long 8 1/2 hour snooze*.  This morning we read "A Lion in the Meadow" by Margaret Mahy together.  If I'm being honest, I don't think George was really into it - but he did sit there quietly on my lap and look at the pages as I turned them.

As for the second photo - Rachel took that tonight.  I don't usually like photos of myself, and this is certainly no exception - but I think George looks really sweet here, and so for once I'll post a photo of my face without a camera obscuring it.

It's actually quite a useful photo for seeing just how pale our little Gmonster is. He got his colour from his mummy, obviously.

The hair is mine though. Of that we can be sure.



* George's mummy is insisting that George got 12 hours of sleep rather than 8 1/2 hours of sleep.   She's partially correct - George did go to sleep at 7pm, but in fairness, he was woken up for a 10:30pm feed. Without that feed, he would probably be up at 4ish for another one.  And George's mummy would be all grumpy due to a lack of sleep.